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October 08, 2007


susie austin

Since you have begun coaching me and encouraging me to write things down the change has been amazing! You have helped me in many ways to move forward in my life. You are truly a great person Thom!

Erin Blaskie

Great post and excellent blog!

I couldn't agree more - I think that is what is so powerful about the technology age. We write and share our lives so much with one another (or at least I do!) that I think we are definitely writing our own histories as we go.

What struck me the other day though was how much I rely on electronic storage for my precious memories. I haven't printed out photos in years and I have nothing in paper format. What would happen if all of a sudden nothing worked?

I think it's a great reminder to get things out, on paper, so that we can create lasting memories regardless of how times change.

Erin Blaskie
Business Services, ETC

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