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November 07, 2006


Chris Cree

Hey, Thom. The reverse tithe is a great idea. I'm not there yet, but talk about an abundance mindset!


my wife and i don't reverse tithe but since being married 15 years ago we committed to living on minimum wage and using the rest of our income for minstry, etc. It gets a little harder as we adopt more children to stick to a minimum wage budget but it is very do-able. We thought living on minimum wage was at least a starting point, but still manage to live a life of tremendous excess... if atheist philosopher Peter Singer can suggest for ethical reasons that people live on $30,000 per year, then we as Christians can at least do a little better than that! Just imagine all the glory and praise and honor we might give to God if we really consider our wealth His and dedicate ourselves to giving it all to His glory!

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